Guerrini Accordion Rare Vintage Model # 3090

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Guerrini Accordion Rare Vintage Model # 3090 Guerrini Accordion Rare Vintage Model # 3090

Guerrini Accordion Rare Vintage Model # 3090 This accordion this simply breath taking. Marked “Made in Italy” Fully tuned and restored the restorer played a tune on this instrument, the high quality sound was amazing. I honestly thought about keeping it. Great for a beginner or a experienced accordion player. Excellent item to add to your accordion collection. This Guerrini accordion is very, very rare and I couldn’t find any information on it. Comes with it’s original case and two keys. I’m honored to get this accordion restored, therefore it can be played and appreciated for many years to come. interested bidders please view the youtube link: In the youtube link I can not play the accordion, but i partially sample how it looks, works and sounds. I tried to take close up shots of the bellows, grill, keyboard keys and various other parts of this instrument. I am not an expert in accordions. Description: -creamed colored and has 24 keys on the keyboard, comes with three replaced scraps. -Has five treble switches: Mast, Bass, Mast, Clar & Mast-Chrome Grill-Leather straps-Has suitcase and two keys Condition:In late June 2015 this accordion was restored and tuned and had it’s straps replaced leather with leather straps.This work as done by a professional accordion restorer here in British Columbia. Its beautifully restored to its former glory. The Guerrini label has some ware. Bellows: The bellows did not need any restoration and are in good condition ( besides minor marks) there is no holes, tears, too much ware and tare…etc..its seems pretty tight. Grill: There is a dent on the chrome..(see video of a marker pointing to dent in that area) dent bellow that area on the on the cream colored area. There are some scruffs all over the instrument and some scratches on corners. The bass buttons and switches have no issues. The grill appears to be dented inside. Ready to be played and appreciated for years to come! Keyboard:The keyboards keys have aged and have some cracking on some keys (does not effect playing..and the keys are pretty solid. Case: has some scruffs and makes and there is some red fabric that has some holes (very minor) likely due to age or ware. Approximate measurements without straps:17 3/4 inches in width (keyboard area)6.5 inches in height19 inches in length Shipping:Shipping $150US for shipping to USA. Shipping to Canada $80US. Shipping internationally rates may vary…please inquire about a shipping rate and I will obtain one for you. Your item will be carefully packaged and sent with a tracking number. NO RETURNS your item will be sold “AS IS” Happy Bidding.

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Added on 08/24/2015

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